Overview of Bethany Home Bethany Home Office Welcome to Bethany Home Towards a meaningful life at home and in the community
Training Centre Teaching in the classroom Training Centre Provides academic classes including individual education plans
Special Needs Unit Student enjoying the pool Special Needs Unit Teaches life skills to people with severe disabilities
Physiotherapy Helping student walk Physiotherapy Department Provides individual assessment and develops therapy programs
Early Intervention Program Singing songs at EIP session Early Intervention Program Supports parents in development of their young children
Lighthouse Trainees at work in Lighthouse Lighthouse Provides training in a simulated work environment
Group Homes Making the bed in the group home Group Homes Allows people with disabilities to live and learn in the community
Work Skills Classes Mopping the floors Work Skills Classes Develops work and behavioural skills necessary for success in a work environment

Bethany Home is a Training Centre for disabled children and adults

Our mission is to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities
and their families in both Bethany Home and the community environment