Future Development

Incoming Director of Bethany Home

Rev. Karthik, Director of Bethany Home

Bethany Home has many programs which are implemented in stages, in accordance with the availability of resources. Some of our immediate plans include:

  • Development of the new land (see The DREAM) so that we can:
    • Provide an Activity Centre for severely disabled adults, offering suitable day care for them as they get older.
    • Establish an Aged Care Facility, to support our ageing population of disabled people who have progressed through other Bethany services.
    • Better equip Bethany Home as a recreational and sports centre for the disabled in the Lower Perak District.
    • Provide a farm for the disabled.
  • Further develop the Parent Support Groups, enabling parents to share and learn from each other's experiences and offer each other support, both among themselves and with parents connected to other centres.
  • Continue to develop thorough in-house staff training and seek opportunities for staff to receive training and experience in other centres (local and overseas).
  • Through Lighthouse, start more sheltered workshops by securing contract jobs that can be done by students who do not yet fit into open employment.
  • Continue creating events and programs where the community and disabled can mix freely
  • Continue developing the Advocacy Club, empowering people with disabilities to speak up for themselves.
  • Provide more Independent Group Homes.
  • Develop travel opportunities for Bethany Home students and trainees: local and international, adventure, work-experience, visiting other centres, international exchange.
  • Provide support to Luther Ria Centre (a new centre for people with disability in Port Dickson) so they can become independent.
  • Continue to develop and professionalise our volunteer program.
  • Improving support for local and foreign volunteers who come to Bethany Home.
  • Enabling staff to fully utilise the support volunteers can give.