Bethany Home was established in 1966 by the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Malaysia and Singapore, with the help of Church of Sweden Mission. We are a non-profit organisation supporting children and adults with a variety of disabilities including Epilepsy, Autism, Intellectual Disability, Down Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy. We provide holistic care, education and training to these people, their families and the community; regardless of ethnicity and religious backgrounds. We are a Christian organisation and seek to practice Christian values in all services offered.

Bethany Home currently has around 150 trainees participating in its various programs and 60 staff.
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Our Belief

Previous trainees with full time employment

Previous trainees with full time employment

People with disabilities should be able to achieve their full potential and enjoy maximum opportunity to determine every aspect of their lives, ensuring rights and opportunity within a supportive environment.

Our Mission

To improve the quality of life of people with disabilities and their families in both the school and community environment.

Our Aim

Bethany Home aims to provide a comprehensive service for children and adults with disability who are living mainly in the Hilir Perak District, but also elsewhere, throughout Malaysia. The centre offers a wide range of services to cater for the varied needs of people with disability in the surrounding districts.

Bethany Home's policy is to encourage and support people with a disability to live within their own families and community. We aim to equip them with skills needed to become as independent as possible so they will be recognised as contributing members of their community.

Bethany Home Students

Bethany Home students

Our Clients

Bethany Home provides services for disabled children and adults from birth onwards. We cater for people of both sexes, of different races, and from all social and economic backgrounds. At Bethany Home there are people with various types of disability including intellectual disability, cerebral palsy, autism, epilepsy, Down Syndrome, hearing and visual impairment, learning disability.

Management and Finance

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Malaysia (ELCM) appoints a management committee to run the affairs of Bethany Home. Six members are from ELCM and six from the community. Meetings are also attended by the director of Bethany Home and a representative of the Social Welfare Ministry. This committee meets regularly, every two months, and oversees all management decisions.

The management committee also oversees Bethany Home's finances. Expenditure has increased as the services have expanded and the budget is currently approximately RM 1,400,000 per year. This is offset by a government grant. The rest is collected through local public donations, sponsorships, fund raising programs and a small amount through school fees. Bethany Home therefore relies heavily on public donations to maintain and expand its services.