Early Intervention Program

Parents working with their children during EIP session

The first five years of a child's life is crucial when trying to maximize a child's potential and especially so with disabled children. Training and rehabilitation for a child with a disability should begin as soon as any developmental delay is detected.

During the early intervention program (EIP) sessions held at Bethany Home and our two other outreach centres parents/caregivers are encouraged to attend our small classes of four to six children to come and learn how to promote their child's development at home. A team approach is taken when helping families whereby local authorities work together to provide the best possible care for the children such as the Public Health Department, the Department of Welfare as well as speech therapists, physiotherapists and occupational therapists.

Two parent support groups are available for parents to join to help them with the often difficult task of raising a disabled child. With fun and interactive games as well as educational sessions parents have the opportunity to make new friends and learn how to be an advocate for their special child.