Group Homes

In 1987, in an effort to move away from providing services for people with disabilities in an institutional setting, a Group Home was established for students to live in the community. There are now six group homes with 4 - 7 young people living together in each home. For the staff managing the homes there is a duty roster in each house.

Group Homes With Supervision

These homes are provided for students living outside the Lower Perak District because daily transport from their homes is not practical. In a loving environment children are taught self-help and related skills that will help them when they return home to their families.

This group home program, in the various housing estates, is found to be very effective, as disabled students are not separated from the community as they once were. Hence, community awareness and acceptance of people with a disability is encouraged by the presence of these special children in "normal environments" doing normal routines and activities.

Independent Group Homes

There is one Independent Group Home near Bethany Home. It is used for ex-supervised Group Home students who have mastered basic living skills that have enabled them to live on their own; leading towards complete independence.

Residents learn to attend to their own personal needs, do their laundry, keep their house clean, entertain visitors and help with food preparation. The residents are encouraged to think of it as "their home" for which they themselves are responsible.

Neighbours have been supportive and the residents enjoy being part of the community doing activities that are an expected part of community life.


An annual Group Home event that was started recently called "Clean up the World" was held at Taman Desa Bernam Baru. The event encouraged students and community members to take pride in their local community and pick up rubbish around the Taman with support given from the "Clean up the World" organisation and the Australian Embassy.