Bethany Home offers many different services which cater for most age groups and levels of disability. The following descriptions provide a quick overview of the services but for more information see the links on the left.

EIP student in pool with teacher

Early Intervention Program

The early intervention program provides training and rehabilitation for children aged 0 - 5 years old who have development delays detected.

Training Centre

Our training centre consists of classes where academic lessons are taught and physio classes for students who are generally wheel-chair bound and have high needs. It also supports and provides:

  • Physical Education - Numerous sporting and activities to keep the students healthy and active.
  • Integration - Where a student is placed in both Bethany Home and a secular school.
  • Co-curriculum Activities - Specific interest activities carried outside the classroom environment.
  • Library - Both toy and book libraries are available for use by teachers and parents.

Training Programs

Bethany Home has a variety of training programs which include:

  • Special Needs Unit - A class for students with severe disabilities to learn life skills.
  • WorkSkills Classes - Aims to develop the student in work and behavioural skills necessary for success in a working environment.
  • Lighthouse - A pre-employment program run by Bethany Home.
  • Secondhand Shop - Provides employment skills through handling money, cleaning, ironing and displaying the articles for sale.
  • Leadership and Advocacy Training
  • Open Employment

Group Homes

The group homesare provided for students where daily transport to Bethany Home is not practical. The students live in the homes with staff and learn basic living skills. Students who have mastered the basic living skills may then be moved into the independent Group Homes.


Soft play room

Currently the physiotherapy department is the main service which provides preventive and maintenance therapy. Previously Bethany Home has provided professional occupational therapy and speech pathology services.


Bethany Home runs 4 annual camps for disabled students, trainees and clients that enable them to experience camping and activities in the wider community.

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