Sunday Fellowship

Bethany Home Sunday Fellowship/English Service was created to provide an opportunity for the Special People to belive and experience God, to meet and enjoy Sunday Fellowship.

Time with God

Bethany Home Sunday Fellowship is a time with God and His beautiful children who trust in Him for everything. This meeting is specially designed for the People with Special Needs, their family members and friends to thank God for His marvelous work in their life. The lessons during these gatherings will be based on God's words of encouragement to continue to shine for Him through His ministry such as at Bethany Home. This Sunday fellowship program is also aimed to support the families with Special Children through prayer and counseling using God's words of comfort and hope.

Is not a church

Bethany Home Sunday Fellowship is not a church or it is part of any denomination. It is an inclusive Christian meeting where everyone is welcomed to enjoy God's peace and service through Bethany Home Family. We believe that God will continue to minster and serve all who gather at Bethany Home Sunday Fellowship in His special way. We welcome all to come and serve and be served at Bethany Home Sunday Fellowship. Venue: Bethany Home Hall Time: Sunday Evening 6pm