Training Centre

Co-curriculum Activities

For one afternoon every week the Bethany Home runs different clubs for the students to participate in. These clubs are run to allow the students to interact and have fun with students other than those in their class. They also get to interact with other teachers and students with different disabilities.

Children using toy library

Phoenix club visiting caves

The purpose of these clubs is to help the students find enjoyment and an interest in a particular hobby or activity so that away from the Bethany training centre they may continue exploring these interests.

The current clubs being run by Bethany Home are:

  • Cooking Club - Here the students learn how to prepare and cook food such as pancakes, fruit drinks, sandwiches and soup.
  • Art & Craft Club - This club allows the students to explore their creativity by doing various activities such as making greeting cards, drawing and colouring in.
  • Phoenix Club - This club gets the students involved in outdoor activities while also teaching them skills such as first aid. The students are also taken on excursions outside Bethany Home to go caving, hiking and exploring in nature.
  • Fun Club - Similar to the art and craft club this provides more simple tasks such as making masks, playing with textiles and making other colourful things.
  • Dance Club - Here the students learn and practise different dance routines.