Training Programs


"The Lighthouse" is the name of the pre-employment program run by Bethany Home, in another location about 1km from our main site.

The project provides training in a simulated work environment. The students (trainees) are expected to clock in and clock out at appropriate times for lunch, tea breaks and then leave for home. Those who "graduate" are absorbed into full time employment outside Bethany. At the moment, training is provided for

Lighthouse students at work
  • Garment packaging
  • Making greeting cards from recycled paper

The training we offer not only raises the trainee's self esteem but also provides an avenue for gainful employment and integration into the working community when the opportunity arises.

Youth Recreation Club

To further enhance the leisure time activities of "Lighthouse" Bethany provide a recreation clubhouse with activities that include regular youth club meetings, dance practices and a "nice place to hang out" during lunch breaks and out of working hours.

Lighthouse students at work