Training Programs

Secondhand Shop

Bethany Home receives a lot of donations of used clothes. The staff started out holding mini jumble sales in the estates to raise funds for Bethany Home projects. In 1987 the idea to set up a permanent shop came about.

The shop provides employment skills such as handling money, sorting out, cleaning, ironing and displaying the clothes and articles for sale and gives the students the experience of receiving a small wage which they are encouraged to put into their own personal savings account. It promotes interaction between the community and the students and generates income which subsidizes the running of the group homes and the shop.

Bethany secondhand shop

The shop also provides a much needed service to the community of Simpang Empat. Kedai Bethany sells used clothes and second hand goods. In February 1989, encouraged by the success of the first shop with the increasing number of adults in the program, another second-hand goods shop was started in Teluk Intan.