Training Programs


The Workskills program aims to develop in the student, the work and behavioural skills necessary for success in a working environment. It acts as a bridge between the classroom setting of the younger students and the open employment/shop environment of the adults. The students participate in various skills involving activities of daily living, for example personal care, domestic and practical. They are also taught some gardening, animal care and painting (in the craft workshop). The intention of the Workskills program is not to train them to become gardeners or carpenters but rather to work well in different situations. There are 3 Workskills classes:

Worksills student learning gardening

Learning gardening skills


This class concentrates on teaching and practising practical skills, for example collecting dry leaves within the compound, cleaning drains and the bathroom, wiping window panes, gardening and art and craft work. Teaching these skills enables them to help their parents at home. Once a month they go on an outing.


These students are taught practical skills such as looking after animals (birds), gardening, sweeping and mopping the floor and harvesting vegetables. They also learn about money concepts and writing their own names and addresses. The emphasis in this class like the other Workskills classes is practical work. From here, the more capable ones are channeled to sheltered employment.


Practical skills taught in this class are keeping the toilets clean, emptying rubbish bins, sweeping dry leaves within the compound and preparing the Bethany Home newsletter for mailing. Very few academic lessons are done in this class.

Cafe MMM student serving food

Cafe MMM student serving food

Cafe MMM

This class focuses on teaching skills that would be required to work in a cafe shop. The students learn about handling and exchanging money, cooking and serving food, cleaning and other service skills.

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Craft Workshop

Many years ago when there were not many plastic toys or shops where toys could be easily purchased, Bethany Home had a toy workshop. The toy workshop made educational toys like building blocks and shape puzzles, which would be used in the classes and also bought by other schools and centres. Today the workshop primarily produces wall plaques that are hand-painted by a full-time helper and occasionally by students who have an interest in this area. The wall plaque moulds are produced by the maintenance staff at Bethany and after being painted they are sold to help with fundraising.

Creating a plaque in the workshop

Our master painter at work

Some of the plaques created in the workshop

Some of the wall plaques