We have a "DREAM". Our dream is that one day Bethany Home will have a sports field facility and a retirement home for people with disabilities.

Our Land

The land after being cleared

The land after being cleared

Bethany Home is growing and to support this growth we purchased a piece of land in 1998 to build an integrated sport facility and home for senior citizens with disabilities. This land is situated 2 kilometres from Bethany Home on the main road between Hutan Melintang and Teluk Intan and is approximately 6.4 acres in size.

1st Project

The sports facility has become the priority and the development has been planned in four stages:
Stage 1 - Clear the land to remove old palm trees (completed April 2010).
Stage 2 - Fill the swampy land with soil and sand to level it with surrounding area (completed February 2011).
Stage 3 - Surface the land with grass.
Stage 4 - Construct a building consisting of a futsal court, changing rooms, toilets and a foyer area.

We need your support to turn this dream into a reality through providing funds, technical skills or even just encouraging your family and friends to support us. If you want to support us then below is a picture of our land, so imagine a nice green sports field there with children playing on it and that is what your donations will create.

The current land

See our "DREAM"

Why a sports facility?

Our children and adults are growing up; they are active and have lots of energy. Many of our special people love sport and it is a great way to keep them healthy and happy. We have our own soccer team and also organize and participate in regular games and sport events such as Special Olympics and Paralympics. Through these events, people with special needs have become more confident and feel valued as they participate and even win medals at games competitions.

Within Bethany Home we do not have very much grassed areas for games and sports. We will often have to take the students to Teluk Intan (18 km away) for football, futsal and Special Olympics practices. We need a playing field and other facilities closer to Bethany Home to continue with our Mission of improving the quality of life of people with disabilities.

Why a retirement home?

The land being filled with soil

The land being filled with soil

At Bethany Home we have services for people at different stages of their life. However we currently have no direct service for elderly people and are unable to support large numbers of them. As people with special needs get older a common worry for their parents is "Who will look after them when I pass away?"

We encourage their families to continue caring and supporting for them throughout their lives but sometimes the burden is too hard or there is no one left to care for them. We want to meet that need by developing a retirement village where disabled people can live out the remainder of their life in a dignified way.

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